A healthier life with Instagram

Instagram is a media that is diligently used by fitness promoters, who want to motivate and inspire others to start their own fitness journey.

These fitness accounts often post pictures of beautiful fit men and women to make their followers visualise how they want their body to end up looking. The fitness accounts want to inspire their followers to continue the battle it sometimes can be to get fit.

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Before and after photos is one of the biggest trends on these fitness accounts. They give hope for those who still have a long way to go and makes the ones who are well on their way confidence. The before and after pictures create an illusion that everyone can make it if they are only persistent enough. Beneath most of these before and after pictures are the most incredible stories of how this person has translated and how hard they have fought to get where they are today. These stories often end with a short but precise message: “RESPECT!”

The comments usually follows suit and many comments only consist of one word: “RESPECT!” Some makes an extra effort and writes something like “Way to go! Respect!”

@hashi88 I have always been overweight since childhood. Even through high school I struggled with my weight and had self image issues. During my first year of university I tried to change my eating habits to lose weight but had less or no motivation at all. With the stresses of university I ate really bad and continued to struggle with my weight. I have always wanted to dress nicely and have the curves to show off, but because of my overweight body it seemed a dream.Then one day a friend upload a group photo with me in it on Facebook , and I got really bad comments on my figure and how overweight I was. I was devastated and had a emotional breakdown. After that I decided to fully commit to losing the weight, so started eating healthy and going to the gym 6 days a week. After 10 months of fully committed to the diet and training, I lost 42 kgs. This change in my body further motivated me to keep going.I started to dress nicely and loved to show my new curves. This added further to my motivation. I trained harder and became stronger and fitter. My ultimate motivation is the results I see within myself and that itself is my inspiration. @hashi88 gwl . . Follow @great_weightloss_inspirations for inspiring stories, tips, humor and a possible feature💞 . . Tag someone, share and motivate!

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To help the followers progress the fitness accounts also post workout videos with the purpose of inspire the followers to try new and possibly more effective exercises they will be able to add to their daily routine.

It is these workout videos that will keep the followers on the account. The pictures of fit strangers are not enough to keep the inspiration and motivation up. When the follower already had had the “wow!”-experience and has started their journey towards the perfect body they have already build up a picture of how they want to look like. That is why the workout videos are perfect to keep followers to actually follow. They show new ways of reaching your goal and that is what you want.

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All of this online attention towards health and training has created a health spiral that has made more and more people aware of their physical appearance all over the globe. People who have never thought of exercise and nutrition before are suddenly very aware of what they do for their body.

The successful fitness accounts have made it more acceptable to be proud of your body and show your progress for the world to see. There are so many people out there showing their well-trained bodies and they should! Getting fit and keeping it that way is an accomplishment that is worth celebrating! It brings along a lot of positive attention and the respect we all crave from strangers on social media like Instagram.


The fitness accounts help people get in better shape by motivating normal people trough pictures of others’ process and ideas for hoe to make your daily exercise routines even more effective.


Here are some links to articles with suggestions of which Instagram accounts you can follow if you want to be motivated to build yourself a healthier lifestyle.




Please write a comment underneath if you have any experience with following and being inspired or motivated by the fitness accounts of Instagram or if you have any suggestions on accounts that are a must follow!